Giving Update no. 1

Hey there,

I wanted to send a first follow up here about an issue that occurred recently with our ACH processing partner that you may or may not be aware of.

We have done our best to communicate as often as possible on our status pages, and with individual churches and donors affected, as we get clear information from our processing partner. But as this had a wider impact outside of just our platforms and churches, the information and details have been a bit slower coming to us, even though we’ve been working around the clock to get more information so we can keep you informed.

Here is a concise summary of time-sensitive details below. I’ll be following up more on this issue in the near future with a full recap, but here’s what you need to know today.

Missing Transaction Data

You may have noticed an ACH transfer on June 18th with no transaction data on it.

This transfer is the result of a duplicated deposit for a few transactions that were accidentally processed twice by our processing partner. Our Nucleus/RebelGive systems were not involved in this unfortunate duplication, as it happened accidentally as part of a data cleanup on the servers of our processing partners and was not controlled by or preventable by us in any way.

Note: It's possible that only some donations that were double charged actually landed in your church's bank account, while some other double charged donations were immediately returned by our card processor.

If the duplicate deposits landed in your church bank account, you will see this duplicated deposit withdrawn soon if you haven’t seen it already today.

The line item on your church’s bank account might have a description similar to this: Fiserv Pmnt Svcs PAYOUT

Please do not dispute this ACH withdrawal with your bank, as it will significantly impact your affected donors and cause issues with fully reconciling and closing out this issue.

This withdrawal is for the duplicate transactions that were accidentally created by the processing partner, and they are now being withdrawn in one lump sum amount from your church’s bank account. This withdrawal enables them to fully refund your donors for the duplicate transactions that occurred, so your donors money is properly restored.

NOTE: The real donations that were given originally are accounted for in a June 20th ACH transfer, so you can look at that to see the real status and donation transaction information, at the bottom of that ACH transfer list.

Again, we wanted to let you know this today because it may impact your account due to an unexpected withdrawal. But just know it is to remedy the original issue and enable our processing partners to fully restore your donors the money they were accidentally charged. So this withdrawal needs to clear properly, and not be blocked.

Next Steps

I’ll be following up with a full postmortem on this issue, recapping exactly what happened and our steps for the future in a later update as soon as all the dust on this has settled, so you’ll get at least one more email from me on this in the near future.

In the meantime, if you need anything else or have questions on this, simply reply to this email so we can clarify anything further for you.

Me and my team are working nonstop to care for you, and all our churches and any of your donors who have been affected.

Thank you and talk soon,